Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pic 18F2520

The Pic18f2520 is by far one of my favorite PIC microcontrollers. The PIC 18 family has many nice features that you just don't find in the lower PIC families including PicKit II programmer support.

The PIC18F2520 is available in a 28 pin dip package (as well as QFN and SPDIP) and has many nice hardware features including:

4 Crystal modes plus RC and oscillator support, up to 40Mhz clock source.
High Current Sink/Source 25ma digital i/o.
PWM Outputs.
Built in 10 Bit A/D converters.
Two pin in circuit ICSP programming.
USART / SPI /I2C support.
32K of onboard flash.

It has capability to be programmed with C as well, with a C compiled optimized architecture. With it's versatility it is one of my favorite PICs for projects that require more i/o and larger program structures than the smaller PIC families can handle.

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