Thursday, May 28, 2009

XBee XBee-PRO 802.15.4 OEM RF Modules

The XBee/XBee-PRO ZB RF Modules are designed to operate within the ZigBee protocol and support the unique needs of low-cost, low-power wireless sensor networks. The modules require minimal power and provide reliable delivery of data between remote devices. The modules operate within the ISM 2.4 GHz frequency band and are compatible with the following:

• XBee RS-232 Adapter
• XBee RS-232 PH (Power Harvester) Adapter
• XBee RS-485 Adapter
• XBee Analog I/O Adapter
• XBee Digital I/O Adapter
• XBee Sensor Adapter
• XBee USB Adapter
• XStick
• ConnectPort X Gateways
• XBee Wall Router.

These are very powerful wireless modules that I have used extensively in projects, they are well worth talking a look at if you have not played with them in your latest wireless project.

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