Monday, February 1, 2010

TIP31C NPN Power Transistor TIP31

The TIP31C is a base island technology NPN power transistor in TO-220 plastic package with better performances than the industry standard TIP31 that make this device suitable for audio, power linear and switching applications. The PNP type is TIP32C.

Absolute maximim ratings:

Collector-base voltage (IE = 0) 100 V
Collector-emitter voltage (IB = 0) 100 V
Emitter-base voltage (IC = 0) 5 V
Collector current 3 A
Collector peak current 5 A
Base current 1 A
Total dissipation at Tcase = 25°C
Total dissipation at Tamb = 25°C
Storage temperature -65 to 150 °C
Max. operating junction temperature 150 °C

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