electronic component datasheet about page is your definitive source for component datasheets.

As a computer scientist and electronics hobbyist, I created as a valuable single stop resource for semiconductor datasheets.

This site was created for the lack of other good datasheet resources that are currently available. Sure, you can go directly to the manufacturer and search for the datasheet you need. But what if you don.t know exactly what part you want? Say if you just need a digital to analog converter, you would have to go to several manufacturers and see which DACs each has available. With a good search site, you could simple search for 'DAC' or 'temp sensor' or any other specific information and see all datasheets available from various manufacturers.

One of the big issues I have had with other search sites are their constant annoying features. It often takes many clicks to get directly to the datasheet you wish to download making site navigation very difficult. Other datasheet search sites often have annoying inline embedded PDF viewers that open the datasheet within an iframe in your browser. This not only creates an annoyingly small datasheet view window, but you then have to click the 'save' icon to once again download the datasheet. Then you see that the filename is conviently named 'datasheet.pdf' instead of the part number. That's just great. Another extremely annoying fact is the datasheets are modified from these sites. Header information in the PDF no longer has the manufacturers. info, but it is replaced by the name of the datasheet site you downloaded from. You will never see this on this site.

When searching for datasheets on, you are given a simple list of component part numbers and their descriptions. Clicking the component you want allows you to download that datasheet as a PDF directly. This PDF is then saved directly to your hard drive, unmodified from the manufacturer as its actual part number. No renaming of part numbers is necessary.

I hope this site becomes your first stop for datasheet downloads. I am constantly working to get more datasheets from more manufacturers into it, hopefully making it into the best datasheet resource available.

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Here are some of the manufacturers whose datasheets we have listed on this site:

intel LSI Logic Infineon Fairchild Semiconductor Panasonic Philips National Semiconductor ST Microelectronics Xilinx Sony Lattice Semiconductor AMD Maxim Freescale Semiconductor Burr-Brown Analog Devices Microchip Cirrus Logic Toshiba Texas Instruments Atmel