Part # LM4546 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM4546 AC 97 Rev 2 Codec with Sample Rate Conversion and National 3D Sound

Part Details:

LM4546 September 2000 AC LM4546 97 AC 97 Rev 2 Codec with Sample Rate Conversion andNational 3D Sound Rev General Description Key Specifications 2 The LM4546 is an audio codec for PC systems which is fully h Analog Mixer Dynamic Range 97dB (typ) Codec PC98 compliant and performs the analog intensive functionsof the AC97 Rev 2 architecture. Using 18-bit Sigma-Delta h D/A Dynamic Range 89dB (typ) A/D s and D/A s, the LM4546 provides 90dB of Dynamic h A/D Dynamic Range 90dB (typ) Range. The LM4546 was designed specifically to provide a high with quality audio path and provide all analog functionality in a PC Features audio system. It features full duplex stereo A/D s and D/A sand an analog mixer with 2 stereo and 3 mono inputs, each n AC 97 Rev 2 compliant Sample of which has separate gain, attenuation and mute control. n National s 3D Sound circuitry The LM4546 also provides National s 3D Sound stereo en- n High quality Sample Rate Conversion (SRC) from 4kHz hancement. to 48kHz in 1Hz increments The LM4546 supports variable sample rate conversion as n Multiple Codec support defined in the AC97 Rev2 specification. The sample rate for n Advanced power management support the A/D and D/A can be programmed separately to convert n Digital 3V and 5V compliant Rate any rate between 4kHz - 48kHz with a resolution of 1Hz. TheAC97 architecture separates the analog and digital functions Applications of the PC audio system allowing both for system design flex- n Desktop PC Audio Systems Conversion ibility and increased performance. n Portable PC Systems n Mobile PC Systems Block Diagram and National 3D Sound DS100985-1

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