Part # MC79L05A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: MC79LXXA LM79LXXA 3-Terminal 0.1A Negative Voltage Regulator

Part Details: MC79LXXA/LM79LXXA 3-Terminal 0.1A Negative Voltage Regulator Features Description · Output Current up to 100mA These regulators employ internal current limiting and · No External Components thermal shutdown, making them essentially indestructible. · Internal Thermal Over Load Protection· Internal Short Circuit Current Limiting TO-92 SOT-89 · Output Voltage Offered in ±5% Tolerance· Output Voltage of -5V, -8V, -12V, -15V, -18V, -24V 1 1 1.GND 2.Input 3.Output 8-SOP 1 1. Output Input 5. GND 4.8. NC Internal Block Diagram GND R26 R15 Q10 Q12 Q11 D3 D2 R22 Q5 R23+R21 Q6 Q7 R R18 Output Q4 D1 Q17 Q2Q3 Q15 C1 R1 R6 Q9 Q8 Q1 Q16 Q14 Q13 R16 R17 R2 R3 R7 R28 R24 R25 R29

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MC79L05A.pdf Datasheet