Part # LM27966 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM27966 White LED Driver with I2C Compatible Interface

Part Details:

LM27966 August 2006 LM27966 White White LED Driver with I2C Compatible InterfaceGeneral Description Features LED The LM27966 is a highly integrated charge-pump-based n 91% Peak LED Drive Efficiency display LED driver. The device can drive up to 6 LEDs in n No Inductor Required parallel with a total output current of 180mA. Regulated Driver n 0.3% Current Matching internal current sources deliver excellent current and bright- n Drives 6 LEDs with up to 30mA per LED ness matching in all LEDs. n 180mA of total driver current The LED driver current sources are split into two indepen- n I2C Compatible Brightness Control Interface dently controlled groups. The primary group, which can be n Adaptive 1x- 3/2x Charge Pump with configured with 4 or 5 LEDs, can be used to backlight the n Resistor-Programmable Current Settings main phone display. An additional, independently controlledled driver is provided for driving an indicator or other general n External Chip RESET Pin (RESET) purpose LED function. The LM27966 has an I2C compatible n Extended Li-Ion Input: 2.7V to 5.5V I 2 interface that allows the user to independently control the n Small low profile industry standard leadless package, C brightness on each bank of LEDs. LLP 24 : (4mm x 4mm x 0.8mm) Compatible The device provides excellent efficiency without the use ofan inductor by operating the charge pump in a gain of 3/2, or Applications in Pass-Mode. The proper gain for maintaining current regu- n Mobile Phone Display Lighting lation is chosen, based on LED forward voltage, so that n PDAs Backlighting efficiency is maximized over the input voltage range. n General LED Lighting The LM27966 is available in National s small 24-pin Lead-less Leadframe Package (LLP-24). Brightness Typical Application Circuit Control 20190101 © 2006 National Semiconductor Corporation DS201901 Connection Diagram 24 Pin Quad LLP Package

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