Part # LMX3305 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMX3305 Triple Phase Locked Loop for RF Personal Communications

Part Details:

LMX3305 PRELIMINARY August 2000 LMX3305 Triple Triple Phase Locked Loop for RF PersonalCommunications Phase General Description Features The LMX3305 contains three Phase Locked Loops (PLL) on n Three PLLs integrated on a single chip a single chip. It has a RF PLL, an IF Rx PLL and an IF Tx n RF PLL fractional-N counter Locked PLL for CDMA applications. The RF fractional-N PLL uses a n 16/17/20/21 RF quadruple modulus prescaler for PCS 16/17/20/21 quadruple modulus prescaler for PCS applica- application tion and a 8/9/12/13 quadruple modulus prescaler for cellular n 8/9/12/13 RF quadruple modulus prescaler for cellular application. Both quadruple modulus prescalers offer application modulo 1 through 16 fractional compensation circuitry. The n 2.7V to 3.6V operation Loop RF fractional-N PLL can be programmed to operate from 800 n Low current consumption: I = 9 mA (typ) at 3.0V MHz to 1400MHz in cellular band and 1200MHz to 2300 CC = MHz in PCS band. The IF Rx PLL and the IF Tx PLL are n Programmable or logical power down mode: ICC 10 µA (typ) at 3.0V integer-N frequency synthesizers that operate from 45 MHz for to 600 MHz with 8/9 dual modulus prescalers. Serial data is n RF PLL Fastlock feature with timeout counter transferred into the LMX3305 via a microwire interface n Digital lock detect (Clock, Data, & LE). n Microwire Interface with data preset RF The RF PLL provides a fastlock feature allowing the loop n 24-pin CSP package bandwidth to be increased by 3X during initial lock-on. Personal The supply voltage of the LMX3305 ranges from 2.7V to Applications 3.6V. It typically consumes 9 mA of supply current and is n CDMA Cellular telephone systems packaged in a 24-pin CSP package. Block Diagram Communications DS101361-1

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