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Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

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LM2601 April 2001 Adapter LM2601Adapter Interface CircuitGeneral Description n LM2601 shuts down automatically when adapter is removed Interface The Adapter Interface Circuit (AIC) is used to sense the n Low leakage current from battery when not powered presence of an external power source for a portable com-puter. It notifies the computer if a source is present and n Drives P-channel FETs, no Schottky diodes are required indicates if the source is appropriate for charging battery n No reverse inrush current from battery into the adapter packs inside the computer. The AIC also senses an adapter output capacitance current and its direction. AIC isolates the adapter and signals n Allows for battery capacity gas-gauge calibration under the computer when peak current threshold is exceeded. system software/firmware control Circuit LM2601 drives P-channel FETs. No high current rated n Adapter over current threshold programmable with Schottky diode is required to implement an adapter switcho- external resistors ver circuit. This significantly decreases additional heat dissi- n Wide input range: 5V - 24V pation during simultaneous fast battery charging while run- n Available in TSSOP-14 package ning a computer, particularly in Maximum Performancemode of operation Applicationsn Portable Computers Features n Portable IAs (Internet Appliances, Information n Detects an AC-DC adapter suitable for battery charging Appliances) or an airplane or car power line adapter that should not n Other Battery Powered Devices be used for battery charging n Allows the implementation of intelligent switchover circuits for portable systems Block Diagram 10130901 © 2001 National Semiconductor Corporation DS101309 Pin Configuration LM2601 TSSOP-14 10130902 Ordering Information Order Number Package Number Package Type Supplied As* LM2601MTC

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