Part # FCBS0550 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: FCBS0550 Smart Power Module (SPM)

Part Details:

FCBS0550 Smart Power Module (SPM) September 8, 2005 FCBS0550Smart Power Module (SPM) Features General Description · UL Certified No.E209204(SPM27-BA package) It is an advanced smart power module (SPM) that Fairchild hasnewly developed and designed to provide very compact and · 500V-5A 3-phase MOSFET inverter bridge including control high performance ac motor drives mainly targeting low-power ICs for gate driving and protection inverter-driven application like refrigerator. It combines opti- · Divided negative dc-link terminals for inverter current sensing mized circuit protection and drive matched to low-loss MOS- applications FETs. System reliability is further enhanced by the integratedunder-voltage lock-out and short-circuit protection. The high · Single-grounded power supply due to built-in HVIC speed built-in HVIC provides opto-coupler-less single-supply · Isolation rating of 2500Vrms/min. MOSFET gate driving capability that further reduce the overallsize of the inverter system design. Each phase current of · Very low leakage current due to using ceramic substrate inverter can be monitored separately due to the divided nega- Applications tive dc terminals. · AC 200V three-phase inverter drive for small power ac motor drives · Home appliances applications like refrigerator. Top View op Vie Bottom View Bottom Vie 44mm 26.8mm Figure 1. ©2005 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation 1 FCBS0550 Rev. A FCBS0550 Smart Power Module (SPM) Integrated Power Functions· 500V-5A MOSFET inverter for three-phase DC/AC power conversion (Please refer to Fig. 3) Integrated Drive, Protection and System Control Functions· For inverter high-side MOSFETs: Gate drive circuit, High voltage isolated high-speed level shifting Control circuit under-voltage (UV) protection Note) Available bootstrap circuit example is given in Figs. 10 and 11. · For inverter low-side MOSFETs: Gate drive circuit, Short circuit protection (SC) Control supply circuit under-voltage (UV) protection · Fault signaling: Corresponding to a UV fault (Low-side supply), SC fault · Input interface: 3.3/5V CMOS/LSTTL compatible, Schmitt trigger input Pin Configuration Top View 13.3 (1) V ) CC(L) (2) C ) O C M (21) N

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