Part # MAX8688 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX8688 DS

Part Details:

19-3201; Rev 0; 1/08 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Digital Power-Supply Controller/Monitor with PMBus Interface MAX8688 General Description Features The MAX8688 is a fully integrated digital power-supply o PMBus Interface for Programming, Monitoring, controller and monitor IC that works with any existing Sequencing Up and Down, and Accurate Output- POL (point-of-load) power supply to provide complete Voltage Control digital programmability. By interfacing to the reference o Controls Output Voltage with 0.2% Accuracy for input, feedback node, and output enable, the MAX8688 Line, Load, and Temperature Variations takes control of the POL to provide functions such asperfect tracking, sequencing, margining, and dynamic o Output Voltage, Output Current, and Temperature adjustment of the output voltage. Monitoring with Adjustable Monitor Rate The MAX8688 offers an accurate 12-bit analog-to-digi- o Current Measurement with 2.6% Accuracy and tal converter (ADC) accompanied with two differential Temperature Compensation Option amplifiers for accurately monitoring both voltage and o Programmable Soft-Start and Soft-Stop Ramp current. An integrated 12-bit digital-to-analog converter Rates (DAC) is also available to margin power supplies as o well as dynamically adjust the output voltage with 0.2% Controls Up to 26 Power Supplies with Hardwired accuracy over temperature using this closed-loop sys- Address Pins and Up to 127 POLs with Software tem. An internal temperature sensor provides an addi- Addressing tional level of system monitoring. o Compatible with REFIN and FB Terminals of POL The user-programmable registers provide flexible and Power Supplies accurate control of time events such as a delay time o Protection for POL Against Overvoltage, and transition period, monitoring for overvoltage and Undervoltage, Overcurrent, Negative Current and undervoltage, overcurrent, reverse-current, overtemper- Overtemperature Faults with No Action, Latch and ature fault and warning handling. The closed-loop oper- Retry (Hiccup) Options ation is also programmable to make sure the MAX8688 o Open-Drain FLT Signal for Fault Detection works with any existing POL to provide superior regula-tion accuracy and accurate margining. o Master-Slave Clocking Option Eliminates External Clock Requirement and Provides Accurate Timing

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