Part # AD590 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD590 2-Terminal IC Temperature Transducer Data Sheet (Rev. D)

Part Details:

2-Terminal IC Temperature Transducer AD590 FEATURES PIN CONFIGURATIONS Linear current output: 1 A/K Wide temperature range: -55°C to +150°C Probe-compatible ceramic sensor package 2-terminal device: voltage in/current out NC 1 8 NC Laser trimmed to ±0.5°C calibration accuracy (AD590M) V+ 2 TOP VIEW 7 NC Excellent linearity: ±0.3°C over full range (AD590M) V­ 3 (Not to Scale) 6 NC Wide power supply range: 4 V to 30 V 4 NC 4 5 NC 1 Sensor isolation from case -02 003- 533 + ­ 53 00 NC = NO CONNECT Low cost 00 Figure 1. 2-Lead CQFP Figure 2. 8-Lead SOIC GENERAL DESCRIPTION ­ The AD590 is a 2-terminal integrated circuit temperature + transducer that produces an output current proportional to absolute temperature. For supply voltages between 4 V and -025 33 30 V, the device acts as a high impedance, constant current 005 regulator passing 1 A/K. Laser trimming of the chip s thin-film Figure 3. 3-Pin TO-52 resistors is used to calibrate the device to 298.2 A output at 298.2 K (25°C). The AD590 should be used in any temperature-sensing PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS application below 150°C in which conventional electrical 1. The AD590 is a calibrated, 2-terminal temperature sensor

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