Part # TDA7500A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Digital AM FM signal processor

Part Details:

TDA7500A DIGITAL AM/FM SIGNAL PROCESSOR s FULL SOFTWARE FLEXIBILITY WITH TWO 24X24 BIT DSP CORES s SOFTWARE AM/FM, AUDIO AND SOUND- PROCESSING s HARDWARE RDS FILTER, DEMODULATOR & DECODER s INTEGRATED CODEC (4ADCs, 6DACs) s IIC AND SPI CONTROL INTERFACES TQFP100 (with slug down) ORDERING NUMBER: TDA7500A s SPI DEDICATED TO DISPLAY MICRO s 6 CHANNEL SERIAL AUDIO INTERFACE (SAI) DESCRIPTION s SPDIF RECEIVER WITH SAMPLE RATE The TDA7500A is an integrated circuit implementing CONVERTER a fully digital, integrated and advanced solution to s EXTERNAL MEMORY INTERFACE (EMI) perform the signal processing in front of the power s DOUBLE DEBUG INTERFACE amplifier and behind the AM/FM tuner or any other s ON-CHIP PLL audio source. The chip integrates two 45 MIPs DSPcores: one for stereo decoding, noise blanking, weak s 5V-TOLERANT 3V I/O INTERFACE signal processing and multipath detection and one for s 12x2 MULTIFUNCTION GENERAL PURPOSE sound processing, Dolby B, echo and noise cancel- I/O PORTS ling for the telephone. BLOCK DIAGRAM analog in analog audio out SC SC SC SC SC SC PLL Clock Filter Filter Filter Filter Filter Filter DAC-ref ADC-ref Decimation

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TDA7500A.pdf Datasheet