Part # STLQ50 STLQ50XX18 STLQ50XX25 STLQ50XX33 STLQ50XX50 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: 50 mA, 3 µA supply current low drop linear regulator

Part Details:

STLQ50XX 50 mA, 3 µA supply current low drop linear regulator Features 2.3 V to 12 V input voltage range 50 mA maximum output current 3 µA quiescent current Available in 1.8 V, 2.5 V, 3.3 V, 5.0 V and adjustable SOT23-5L SOT323-5L (available on request) 200 mV dropout voltage at 25 mA output current Internal thermal protection Description Available in SOT323-5L package, and SOT23- 5L package (upon request) The STLQ50 is a BiCMOS linear regulator specifically designed for operating in environment Applications with very low power consumption constraints. Due to the very low quiescent current (3 µA) the Portable/battery powered equipments device is suitable for those application that have Electronic sensors very long stand-by time allowing extension of Microcontroller power battery life. Real time clock backup power The P-MOS pass element allows also a very good drop-out figure (200 mV at 25 mA IO and 350 mV at full load) without affecting the consumption characteristics. Housed in the very small SOT323-5L or SOT23-5L, it fulfils the space saving requirements in battery powered equipments. Table 1. Device summary Order codes Part number Packages Output voltage SOT323-5L (T&R) SOT23-5L (T&R) (1) STLQ50XX18 STLQ50C18R STLQ50M18R Fixed VO = 1.8V STLQ50XX25 STLQ50C25R STLQ50M25R Fixed VO = 2.5V STLQ50XX33 STLQ50C33R STLQ50M33R Fixed VO = 3.3V STLQ50XX50 STLQ50C50R STLQ50M50R Fixed VO = 5.0V STLQ50

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STLQ50 STLQ50XX18 STLQ50XX25 STLQ50XX33 STLQ50XX50.pdf Datasheet