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Analog Devices

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Tested August 26, 2003 File: AD8001S HDR generic.xls Page 1 of 3. RADIATION TEST REPORT PRODUCT: AD8001SQQMLR MASK: FILE: DATE CODE: GAMMA: 0, 100K GAMMA SOURCE: Co60 DOSE RATE: 46.95 rad/sec FACILITIES: National Semiconductor Sunnyvale, Ca. TESTED: August 26,2003 The RADTESTSM DATA SERVICE is a compilation of radiation test results on Analog Devices Space grade products. It is designed to assist customers in selecting the right product for applications where radiation is a consideration. Many products manufactured by Analog Devices, Inc. have been shown to be radiation tolerant to most tactical radiation environments, Analog Devices , Inc. does not make any claim to maintain or guarantee these levels of radiation tolerance without lot qualification test. It is the responsibility of the Procuring Activity to screen products from Analog Devices, Inc. for compliance to Nuclear Hardness Critical Items (HCI) specifications. WARNING: Analog Devices, Inc. does not recommend use of this data to qualify other product grades or process levels. Analog Devices, Inc. is not responsible and has no liability for any consequences, and all applicable Warranties are null and void, if any Analog product is modified in any way or used outside of normal environmental and operating conditions, including the parameters specified in the corresponding data sheet. Analog Devices does not guarantee that wafer manufacturing is the same for all process levels. Tested August 26, 2003 File: AD8001S HDR generic.xls Page 2 of 3. T# 1.0 + IQ mA T# 2.0 - IQ mA T# 3.0 VOS mV SN Initial 100K SN Initial 100K SN Initial 100K 1 3.287 3.293 1 -3.210 -3.216 1 3.424 3.464 2 3.315 3.280 2 -3.234 -3.235 2

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