Part # AD210 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD210 Precision Wide Bandwidth 3-Port Isolation Amplifier

Part Details:

a Precision, Wide Bandwidth 3-Port Isolation Amplifier AD210* FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM High CMV Isolation: 2500 V rms Continuous 3500 V Peak Continuous INPUT OUTPUT FB 16 T1 Small Size: 1.00" 2.10" 0.350" ­IN 17 Three-Port Isolation: Input, Output, and Power 1 V MOD DEMOD O Low Nonlinearity: 0.012% max +IN 19 FILTER Wide Bandwidth: 20 kHz Full-Power (­3 dB) ICOM 18 2 OCOM Low Gain Drift: 25 ppm/ C max T3 T2 POWER High CMR: 120 dB (G = 100 V/V) +VISS 14 INPUT OUTPUT 3 +VOSS Isolated Power: 15 V @ 5 mA POWER POWER ­V 15 ISS SUPPLY SUPPLY 4 ­VOSS Uncommitted Input Amplifier POWER OSCILLATOR APPLICATIONS

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AD210.pdf Datasheet