Part # MAX5556-MAX5559 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX5556 DS

Part Details:

19-0550; Rev 0; 5/06 Low-Cost Stereo Audio DACs MAX5556­MAX5559 General Description Features The MAX5556­MAX5559 stereo audio sigma-delta Simple and Complete Stereo Audio DAC digital-to-analog converters (DACs) offer a simple and Solutions, No Controls to Set complete stereo digital-to-analog solution for mediaservers, set-top boxes, video-game hardware, automo- Sigma-Delta Stereo DACs with Built-In tive rear-seat entertainment and other general consumer Interpolation and Analog Output Filters audio applications. These DACs feature built-in digital I2S-Compatible Digital Audio Interface (MAX5556) interpolation/filtering, sigma-delta digital-to-analog con-version and analog output filtering. Control logic and Clickless/Popless Operation mute circuitry minimize audible pops and clicks during Output Voltage Swing: 3.5VP-P power-up, power-down, clock changes, or when invalid -87dB THD+N clock conditions occur. The MAX5556­MAX5559 receive input data over a flexi- +87dB Dynamic Range ble 3-wire interface, supporting I2S-compatible, left-jus- Sample Frequencies (fS) from 2kHz to 50kHz tified, right-justified 16-bit, and right-justified 18-bit Master Clock (MCLK) up to 25MHz audio data. Data can be clocked by either an externalor internal serial clock. The internal serial clock frequen- Automatic Detection of Clock Ratio (MCLK/ cy is programmable by selection of a master clock LRCLK) (MCLK) and sample clock (LRCLK) ratio. Samplingrates from 2kHz to 50kHz are supported. The MAX5556­MAX5559 operate from a single +4.75Vto +5.5V analog supply with total harmonic distortionplus noise below -87dB. These devices are available in8-pin SO packages and are specified over the -40°C to+85°C industrial temperature range. Ordering Information Applications Digital Video Recorders and Media Servers PIN - PKG PART DATA FORMAT PA C K A G E CODE Set-Top Boxes MAX5556ESA 8 SO S8-5 Left-justified I2S data Video-Game Hardware M A X5 5 5 7 E S A* 8 SO S8-5 Left-justified data Automotive Rear-Seat Entertainment M A X5 5 5 8 E S A* 8 SO S8-5

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