Part # LMX5080 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMX5080 0 PLLatinum 2.7 GHz Low Power Dual Modulus Prescaler for RF Personal Communications

Part Details:

Communications LMX5080 PRELIMINARY April 1999 LMX5080 PLLatinum PLLatinumTM 2.7 GHz Low Power Dual ModulusPrescaler for RF Personal Communications General Description Features The LMX5080 integrated dual modulus prescaler, is de- n 2.7V to 5.5V operation 2.7 signed to be used in a synthesized local oscillator for n Low current consumption: 7 mA (typ) @ 5V 2.5 GHz wireless transceivers. It is fabricated using Nation- n -40°C to +85°C low noise CMOS output GHz al s 0.5µ ABiCV silicon BiCMOS process. The LMX5080 con- n Selectable dual modulus prescaler tains three dual modulus prescalers. Either a 128/130, 128/130 256/158 or a 512/514 prescaler can be selected for up to 256/258 2.7 Gz RF input frequencies. The prescaler inputs can be Low 512/514 driven either differentially, or single ended with the use of a n 8-pin small package outline (SOP) coupling capacitor on one of the inputs to ground. TheLMX5080 CMOS output is optimized to generate very stable, Applications Power low switching noise output signals. The LMX5080 prescalercan be used in conjunction with a low frequency Phase Lock n 2.5 GHz wireless communications systems (ISM) Loop to form a frequency synthesizer suitable for UHF trans- n Direct Broadcast Satellite systems (DBS) ceivers. Supply voltage can range from 2.7V to 5.5V. The n Cable TV tuners (CATV) LMX5080 features low current consumption; typically 7.0 mA Dual at 5V VCCThe LMX5080 is available in a 8-pin Small Outline (SOP)surface mount plastic package. Modulus Functional Block Diagram Prescaler DS100940-1 for RF Personal PLLatinumTM is a trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation. © 1999 National Semiconductor Corporation DS100940 Connection Diagram Small Outline Package (SOP) DS100940-2

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