Part # ADM1064 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADM1064 Super Sequencer with Voltage Readback ADC Data Sheet (Rev. C)

Part Details:

Super Sequencer with Voltage Readback ADC ADM1064 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM AUX1 AUX2 REFIN REFOUT REFGND SDA SCL A1 A0 Complete supervisory and sequencing solution for up to 10 supplies ADM1064 VREF SMBus 10 supply fault detectors enable supervision of supplies to INTERFACE <0.5% accuracy at all voltages at 25°C XMU 12-BIT <1.0% accuracy across all voltages and temperatures SAR ADC EEPROM 5 selectable input attenuators allow supervision of supplies to VX1 PDO1 14.4 V on VH DUAL- CONFIGURABLE VX2 FUNCTION OUTPUT PDO2 6 V on VP1 to VP4 (VPx) INPUTS DRIVERS PDO3 VX3 PDO4 5 dual-function inputs, VX1 to VX5 (VXx) (LOGIC INPUTS (HV CAPABLE OF VX4 OR DRIVING GATES PDO5 SFDs) High impedance input to supply fault detector with VX5 OF N-FET) PDO6 SEQUENCING thresholds between 0.573 V and 1.375 V

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ADM1064.pdf Datasheet