Part # LM1951 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM1951 Solid State 1 Amp Switch

Part Details:

LM1951 August 1992 Solid LM1951 Solid State 1 Amp Switch General Description Features State The LM1951 is a high current high voltage high side (PNP) Y 0 1 mA typical quiescent current (OFF state) switch with a built-in error detection circuit Y 1 Amp output current guaranteed The LM1951 is guaranteed to deliver 1 Amp output current Y g 85V transient protection 1 and is capable of withstanding up to g85V transients The Y Reverse voltage protection Y Amp built-in error detection provides an error flag output under Negative output voltage clamp the following fault conditions output short to ground or sup- Y Error flag output ply open load current limit overvoltage or thermal shut- Y Internal overvoltage shutdown down The LM1951 will drive all types of resistive or induc- Y Internal thermal shutdown Switch tive loads The output has a built-in negative voltage clamp Y Short circuit proof ( b30V) to provide a quick energy discharge path for Y inductive loads The LM1951 features TTL and CMOS com- High speed switching (up to 50 kHz) patible logic input with hysteresis Switching times both turn Y Inductive or resistive loads on and turn off are 2 ms (C Y load k 0 005 mF) In addition its Low ON resistance (1X maximum) quiescent current in the OFF state is typically less than Y TTL CMOS compatible input with hysteresis 0 1 mA at room temperature and less than 10 mA over the Y Plastic TO-220 5-lead package

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LM1951.pdf Datasheet