Part # LM41 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM41 Hardware Monitor with Thermal Diode Inputs and SensorPath™ Bus

Part Details:

LM41 May 2004 Hardware LM41Hardware Monitor with Thermal Diode Inputs andSensorPathTM Bus Monitor General Description -- Internal scaling resistors for all inputs-- Monitors +1.2V, +2.5 V, +3.3 V, +5 V and +12 V The LM41 is a hardware monitor that measures 2 tempera- n Temperature Sensing ture zones, 5 voltages and has a single-wire interface com- -- Remote diode temperature sensor zone patible with National Semiconductor s SensorPath bus. Sen- -- Internal local temperature zone with sorPath data is pulse width encoded, thereby allowing the -- 0.5 °C resolution LM41 to be easily connected to many general purpose -- Measures temperatures up to 140 °C micro-controllers. Several National Semiconductor Super I/O n 14-lead TSSOP package products include a fully integrated SensorPath master, that Thermal when connected to the LM41 can realize a hardware monitorfunction that includes limit checking for measured values, Key Specifications autonomous fan speed control and many other functions. n Voltage Measurement Accuracy ±2 % (max) The LM41 measures the temperature of its own die as well n Temperature Sensor Accuracy ±3 °C (max) as one external device such as a processor thermal diode or n Temperature Range: a diode connected transistor. The LM41 can resolve tem- -- LM41 junction 0 °C to +85 °C Diode peratures up to 255°C and down to -256°C. The operating -- Remote Temp Accuracy 0 °C to +100 °C temperature range of the LM41 is 0°C to +125°C. Using n Power Supply Voltage +3.0 V to +3.6 V ADC it measures +1.2V, +2.5V, +3.3V, +5V and +12V analog n Average Power Supply Current 0.5 mA (typ) input voltages with internal scaling resistors. The address n Conversion Time (all Channels) 22.1ms to 1456ms Inputs programming pin allows two LM41 s to be placed on oneSensorPath bus. Applications Features n Microprocessor based equipment (Motherboards, Video Cards, Base-stations, Routers, n

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