Part # AD AD converter TC3400 Delta-Sigma Sigma-Delta low power datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Microchip


Part Description: +/- 1.8V, Low Power, 16-bit Sigma-Delta A/D Converter

Part Details:

TC3400 +1.8V, Low Power, 16-Bit Sigma-Delta A/D Converter Features Package Type · 16-bit Resolution at Eight Conversions Per 8-Pin SOIC Second, Adjustable Down to 10-bit Resolution at512 Conversions Per Second IN+ 1 8 VDD · 1.8V ­ 5.5V Operation, Low Power Operating 260µA; Sleep: 0.75µA IN- 2 7 SCLK TC3400 · microPortTM Serial Bus Requires only two REFIN 3 6 SDAT Interface Lines · Uses Internal or External Reference GND 4 5 REFOUT · Automatically Enters Sleep Mode when not in use Applications 8-Pin PDIP · Consumer Electronics, Thermostats, CO IN+ 1 8 V Monitors, Humidity Meters, Security Sensors DD · Embedded Systems, Data Loggers, Portable IN- 2 7 SCLK TC3400 Equipment REF 3 6 SDAT · Medical Instruments IN GND 4 5 REF Device Selection Table OUT

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AD AD converter TC3400 Delta-Sigma Sigma-Delta low power.pdf Datasheet