Part # AD8600 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD8600 16-Channel 8-Bit Multiplying DAC

Part Details:

a 16-Channel, 8-Bit Multiplying DAC AD8600* FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM 16 Independently Addressable Voltage OutputsFull-Scale Set by External Reference R/W RS VDD1 LD VDD2 VREF VCC 2 µs Settling Time CS O0 CONTROL O1 Double Buffered 8-Bit Parallel Input EN LOGIC O2 High Speed Data Load Rate A3 O3 A2 ADDRESS O4 Data Readback A1 DECODE O5 A0 16 x 8 Operates from Single +5 V 16 O6 DAC 8-BIT O7 Optional ±6 V Supply Extends Output Range DB7 REGISTERS DACS O8 DB6 O9 DB5 16 x 8 O10 APPLICATIONS DB4 INPUT O11 Phased Array Ultrasound & Sonar

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AD8600.pdf Datasheet