Part # MAX9973-MAX9974 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9973 74

Part Details:

19-0690; Rev 0; 1/07 Dual Driver/Comparator/Load with Internal DACs MAX9973/MAX9974 General Description Features The MAX9973/MAX9974 fully integrated, high-perfor- 600Mbps at 3V High Speed mance, dual-channel pin electronics driver/compara- tor/load (DCL) with built-in level-setting digital-to-analog 700mW per Channel Extremely Low Power converters (DACs) are ideally suited for memory and Dissipation SOC automatic test equipment (ATE) applications. -1.5V to +6.5V Wide Voltage Range Each channel includes a three-level pin driver, a win- 200mV to 8V Wide Voltage Swing Range dow comparator, dynamic clamps, a 1k load, andseven independent level-setting DACs. 10nA (max) Low-Leakage Mode The driver features a wide voltage range and high-speed Integrated Termination On-the-Fly operation, includes high-impedance and active-termina- (3rd-Level Drive) tion (3rd-level drive) modes, and is highly linear even at Integrated Voltage Clamps low voltage swings. Additionally, the driver provides high-speed differential multiplexer control inputs, with internal Passive Load or Pullup termination resistors that are compatible with ECL, LV- Very Low Timing Dispersion PECL, LVDS, and GTL. The window comparators provideextremely low timing variation over changes in slew rate, Minimal External Component Count pulse width, or overdrive voltage, and have open-collec- SPITM-Compatible Serial Control Interface tor outputs. When high-impedance mode is selected, thedynamic clamps provide damping of high-speed device-under-test (DUT) waveforms. The load facilitates fast con-tact testing when used in conjunction with the Ordering Information comparators, and functions as a pullup for OUTPUT open-drain/collector DUT_ outputs. The MAX9973/ PKG MAX9974 are configured through a serial interface. PART PIN-PACKAGE SINK CODE CURRENT The MAX9973/MAX9974 differ in two aspects: the posi-tion of the exposed heat slug and the pin arrangement. 64 TQFP-EP-IDP** The MAX9973G/MAX9974G comparator outputs sink M A X9 9 7 3GC CB (10mm x 10mm x C64E-13R 8mA 8mA (typ), while the MAX9973H/MAX9974H compara- 1.00mm)

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