Part # LM3590 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM3590 Series White LED Driver

Part Details:

LM3590 November 2003 Series LM3590Series White LED DriverGeneral Description Features White The LM3590 is a White LED constant current driver capable n Drives up to 3 stacked white LEDs of supplying up to 3 White LEDs connected in series with n 6.0V-12.6V input voltage range 20mA. This device operates over a wide 6V-12.6V input n Up to 20mA LED output current LED voltage range. The output can accomodate LEDs with a n Excellent LED current matching guaranteed by series combined forward voltage of up to 11.5V, from a 12V input configuration supply. The LED drive current is programmed by using an n Single connection to the White LEDs in the display external resistor on the I pin. Driver SET module LED brightness can be linearly varied up to the programmed n Tightly controlled programmable current source LED current by applying a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) n Low shutdown current (0.1µA typ.) signal to the EN pin of the device. The LED output current of n PWM brightness control the LM3590 is tightly controlled over temperature and volt-age. LED Current matching is guaranteed due to the series n Very small solution size configuration of the LEDs. The series topology also simpli- n SOT23-5 package: 3mm x 3mm x 1.0mm (LxWxH) fies the connection between the White LEDs in the displaymodule and the LM3590 since only one connection is re- Applications quired. n White LED Display Backlights The LM3590 typically draws only 50µA when operating in the n Keypad Backlights no-load condition and draws less than 0.1µA when the de- n General purpose constant current driver for high vice is shut down. forward-voltage LEDs The LM3590 is available in a small 5-pin SOT23 package. Typical Application Circuit 20081301 20081305 © 2003 National Semiconductor Corporation DS200813 Connection Diagram LM3590 20081302

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