Part # MAX9583-MAX9585 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9583 DS

Part Details:

19-0817; Rev 5; 10/07 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Dual, Triple, and Quad Standard-Definition Video Filter Amplifiers with DC-Coupled Input Buffers MAX9583/MAX9584/MAX9585 General Description Features The MAX9583/MAX9584/MAX9585 are small, low-power, o Dual- (MAX9583), Triple- (MAX9584), multichannel video amplifiers with integrated reconstruc- and Quad- (MAX9585) Channel Devices tion filters. Specially suited for standard-definition videosignals, these devices are ideal for a wide range of o 8.5MHz, ±1dB Passband television, set-top box, and portable applications. o 55dB Attenuation at 27MHz The MAX9583/MAX9584/MAX9585 inputs can be o Fixed Gain of 2V/V directly connected to the outputs of a video digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The reconstruction filter typical- o Low Power: 3.5mA per Channel ly has ±1dB passband flatness at 8.5MHz and 55dB o 2.7V to 3.6V Single-Supply Operation attenuation at 27MHz. The amplifiers have a 2V/V gainand the outputs can be DC-coupled to a 75 load which o Small SOT23 and µMAX Packages is the equivalent of two video loads, or AC-coupled to a150 load.The MAX9583/MAX9584/MAX9585 operate from a 2.7V to3.6V single supply and are specified over the -40°C to Ordering Information +125°C automotive temperature range. The MAX9583 is PKG offered in a small, 6-pin thin SOT23 package. The PART PIN-PACKAGE CHANNELS CODE MAX9584 is offered in a small, 8-pin µMAX® package,and the MAX9585 is offered in a small, 10-pin µMAX MAX9583AZT+T 6 Thin SOT23-6 2 Z6+1 package. MAX9584AUA+T 8 µMAX-8 3 U8+1 Applications MAX9585AUB+T 10 µMAX-10 4 U10+2 Note: All devices are specified over the -40°C to +125°C operat- Set-Top Boxes ing temperature range. Televisions +Denotes a lead-free package.T = Tape and reel. Portable Pin Configurations and Selector Guide located at end ofdata sheet.

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