Part # MAX9971-MAX9972 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9971 72 DS

Part Details:

19-0474; Rev 0; 6/06 Quad, Ultra-Low-Power, 300Mbps ATE Drivers/Comparators MAX9971/MAX9972 General Description Applications The MAX9971/MAX9972 four-channel, ultra-low-power, NAND Flash Testers pin-electronics ICs include, for each channel, a three-level pin driver, a window comparator, a passive load, DRAM Probe Testers and force-and-sense Kelvin-switched parametric mea-surement unit (PMU) connections. The driver features a Low-Cost Mixed-Signal/System-on-Chip (SOC) -2.2V to +5.2V voltage range, includes high-impedance Testers and active-termination (3rd-level drive) modes, and ishighly linear even at low voltage swings. The window Active Burn-In Systems comparator features 500MHz equivalent input band- Structural Testers width and programmable output voltage levels. Thepassive load provides pullup and pulldown voltages to Features the device-under-test (DUT). Two grade versions are available, A grade and B grade. Small Footprint--Four Channels in 0.3in2 The A-grade version provides tight gain and offset match-ing for the driver and comparator, allowing reference lev- Low-Power Dissipation: 325mW/Channel Typical els to be shared across multiple channels. It also High Speed: 300Mbps at 3VP-P provides tighter tolerance of the load resistance values.The B-grade version is for system designs that incorpo- -2.2V to +5.2V Operating Range rate independent reference levels for each channel. Active Termination (3rd-Level Drive) Low-leakage, high-impedance, and terminate controlsare operational configurations that are programmed Integrated PMU Switches through a 3-wire, low-voltage, CMOS-compatible serialinterface. High-speed PMU switching is realized through Passive Load dedicated digital control inputs. Low-Leak Mode: 20nA max These devices are available in an 80-pin, 12mm x 12mmbody, 1.0mm pitch TQFP with an exposed 6mm x 6mm Low Gain and Offset Error die pad on the bottom of the package (MAX9972), and Lead-Free Package Available the top of the package (MAX9971), for efficient heatremoval. The MAX9971/MAX9972 are specified to oper- Pin Configurations appear at end of data sheet. ate over the 0°C to +70°C commercial temperaturerange, and feature a die temperature monitor output. Ordering Information and Selector Guide PART ACCURACY GRADE PIN-PACKAGE PKG CODE HEAT EXTRACTION MAX9971ACCS* A 80 TQFP-IDP -- Top

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