Part # AD621 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: . AD621

Part Details:

a Low Drift, Low Power Instrumentation Amplifier AD621 FEATURES CONNECTION DIAGRAM EASY TO USE 8-Lead Plastic Mini-DIP (N), Cerdip (Q) Pin-Strappable Gains of 10 and 100 and SOIC (R) Packages All Errors Specified for Total System PerformanceHigher Performance than Discrete In Amp Designs 1 8 G = 10/100 G = 10/100 Available in 8-Lead DIP and SOIC ­IN 2 7 AD621 +VS Low Power, 1.3 mA Max Supply Current TOP VIEW +IN 3 6 OUTPUT Wide Power Supply Range ( 2.3 V to 18 V) (Not to Scale) ­V 4 5 REF S EXCELLENT DC PERFORMANCE0.15% Max, Total Gain Error 5 ppm/ C, Total Gain Drift gain drift errors are achieved by the use of internal gain setting 125 V Max, Total Offset Voltage resistors. Fixed gains of 10 and 100 can easily be set via external 1.0 V/ C Max, Offset Voltage Drift pin strapping. The AD621 is fully specified as a total system, LOW NOISE therefore, simplifying the design process. 9 nV/Hz, @ 1 kHz, Input Voltage Noise For portable or remote applications, where power dissipation, 0.28 V p-p Noise (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz) size, and weight are critical, the AD621 features a very low EXCELLENT AC SPECIFICATIONS supply current of 1.3 mA max and is packaged in a compact 800 kHz Bandwidth (G = 10), 200 kHz (G = 100) 8-lead SOIC, 8-lead plastic DIP or 8-lead cerdip. The AD621 12 s Settling Time to 0.01% also excels in applications requiring high total accuracy, suchas precision data acquisition systems used in weigh scales and APPLICATIONS transducer interface circuits. Low maximum error specifications Weigh Scales including nonlinearity of 10 ppm, gain drift of 5 ppm/°C, 50 µV

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