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Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

TDA7502 In-car remote amplifier DSP Features 24-Bit fixed-point dsp core delivering up to 50 MIPS 2 x 1024 x 24 Bit of RAM for X and Y data memory. 3072 x 24 Bit of RAM for program also usable for delay Serial audio interface. LQFP44 (10x 10x 1.4mm) Debug port. Control interface for external GPIOs, interrupts, and reset. SPI and I2C for communication between external micro and DSP. Both master and The computational power and the memory slave operating modes. configuration make this device particularly PLL clock oscillator suitable for in car equalisation. This device will 5V-tolerant 3.3V I/O interface offer the best trade-off between performance and cost when coupled with the TDA7535, or other devices of the same family. A library of sound Description processing functions is available for this device; some of these functions are: parametric equaliser, This device is a high-performance, fully cross over filters, acoustic delay, dynamic programmable DSP, suitable for a wide range of compression, vol/bass/treble/fader, active applications and particularly for audio and sound equalisation, Stereo spatial enhancement and processing. It contains a 24-bit 50 MIPS DSP more. core, several interfaces for control and data, plus a configurable PLL. Order codes Part numbers Package Packing TDA7502 LQFP44 (10x 10x 1.4mm) Tube TDA7502013TR LQFP44 (10x 10x 1.4mm) Tape and Reel November 2006 Rev 11 1/25 1 Contents TDA7502 Contents 1

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