Part # M74HC4053 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Triple 2-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer

Part Details:

M74HC4053 TRIPLE 2-CHANNEL ANALOG MULTIPLEXER/DEMULTIPLEXER s LOW POWER DISSIPATION:ICC = 4µA(MAX.) at TA=25°C s LOGIC LEVEL TRANSLATION TO ENABLE5V LOGIC SIGNAL TO COMMUNICATEWITH ±5V ANALOG SIGNAL s LOW "ON" RESISTANCE:70 TYP. (V DIP SOP TSSOP CC - VEE = 4.5V) 50 TYP. (VCC - VEE = 9V) s WIDE ANALOG INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE: ±6V ORDER CODES s FAST SWITCHING: PACKAGE TUBE T & R tpd = 15ns (TYP.) at TA = 25 °C DIP M74HC4053B1R s LOW CROSSTALK BETWEEN SWITCHES SOP M74HC4053M1R M74HC4053RM13TR s HIGH ON/OFF OUTPUT VOLTAGE RATIO TSSOP M74HC4053TTR s WIDE OPERATING SUPPLY VOLTAGERANGE (VCC - VEE) = 2V TO 12V It contains 6 bidirectional and digitally controlled s LOW SINE WAVE DISTORTION: analog switches. 0.02% at VCC - VEE = 9V A built-in level shifting is included to allow an inputrange up to ±6V (peak) for an analog signal with s HIGH NOISE IMMUNITY:V digital control signal of 0 to 6V. NIH = VNIL = 28% VCC (MIN.) VEE supply pin is provided for analog input s PIN AND FUNCTION COMPATIBLE WITH signals. It has an inhibit (INH) input terminal to 74 SERIES 4053 disable all the switches when high. For operationas a digital multiplexer/demultiplexer, VEE is DESCRIPTION connected to GND.

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M74HC4053.pdf Datasheet