Part # TDA7402 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Car radio signal processor

Part Details:

TDA7402 Car radio signal processor Features 3 Stereo inputs 3 Mono inputs Dynamic-compression-stage for cd Softstep-volume Bass, treble and loudness control Voice-band-filter LQFP44 Direct mute and softmute Internal beep Four independent speaker-outputs Digital control: Stereo subwoofer output Independent second source-selector I2C bus interface Full mixing capability Description Pause detector The device includes a high performance audioprocessor and a stereo decoder-noise Stereo decoder: blanker combination, with the whole low RDS mute frequency signal processing necessary for state No external adjustments of the art, as well as future car radios. The digital control allows a programming in a wide range of AM/FM noiseblanker with several trigger all the filter characteristics. The stereo decoder controls part also offers several possibilities of Programmable multipath detector programming, especially for the adaptation to Quality detector output different IF devices.

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TDA7402.pdf Datasheet