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Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: How to Port a Monitor LCD Application from an ST727x4 to an ST7FLCD1 Device

Part Details:

AN1581 ® Application Note How to Port a Monitor/LCD Application from an ST727x4 to an ST7FLCD1 Device By DTV - Monitor MCU Applications Lab Introduction This application note provides all the technical details, regarding both hardware and software sides, to port an existing monitor application, running on ST727x4 Monitor MCU family, to the ST7FLCD1 Monitor MCU. It is meant to make the porting job simpler and faster. This application note will describe all the differences between the ST72T774 60K OTP MCU (the most commonly used MCU for early development) and the ST7FLCD1 MCU. As such, only the relevant parts will be quoted from each respective MCU datasheet. Note: This application note does not replace the full MCU specification document which is still needed as a reference. Differences exist among the ST727x4 family, so please refer to the corresponding datasheet for any other MCU of the ST727x4 family. 1 Overall Differences The main differences regarding the features of each MCU are detailed below: Feature ST72T774 ST7FLCD1 RAM 1 Kbyte (928 bytes exactly) Full 2 Kbytes (2,048 bytes) 2 x 256 Bytes in RAM Dedicated EDID DMA Area No (anywhere in Memory Map) for DDC2B Can be re-used as usual if either DDC2B cell is disabled Stack 256 Bytes maximum 60 Kbytes, FLASH Type Program Memory 60 Kbytes, OTP Type 3 sectors: 4 Kbytes / 4 Kbytes / 52 Kbytes Internal Frequency 8MHz typical, 9MHz maximum WAIT WAIT Low Power Modes No HALT (generates a reset if fetched) HALT (if watchdog disabled) Software programmable Watchdog Software programmable Lock-up Protection Illegal OpCode (triggers reset) Illegal OpCode (triggers reset) Additional Protections Illegal Address (triggers reset) Free R/W Access anywhere Operating Supply 4.0 V to 5.5 V 4.5 V to 5.5 V Package CSDIP42, PSDIP42 or TQFP44 SO28 18 September 2002 Revision 1.1

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