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a Four-Channel, 100 MSPS Digital Receive Signal Processor (RSP) AD6624A FEATURES The AD6624A is part of Analog Devices SoftCell® multicarrier 100 MSPS Wideband Inputs (14 Linear Bits Plus 3 RSSI) transceiver chipset designed for compatibility with Analog Dual High-Speed Data Input Ports Devices family of high sample rate IF sampling ADCs (AD6640/ Four Independent Digital Receivers in Single Package AD6644 12- and 14-bit). The SoftCell receiver comprises a Digital Resampling for Noninteger Decimation Rates digital receiver capable of digitizing an entire spectrum of Programmable Decimating FIR Filters carriers and digitally selecting the carrier of interest for tuning Programmable Attenuator Control for Clip Prevention and channel selection. This architecture eliminates redundant and External Gain Ranging via Level Indicator radios in wireless base station applications. Flexible Control for Multicarrier and Phased Array High dynamic range decimation filters offer a wide range of 3.3 V I/O, 2.5 V CMOS Core decimation rates. The RAM-based architecture allows easy User-Configurable Built-In Self-Test (BIST) Capability reconfiguration for multimode applications. JTAG Boundary Scan The decimating filters remove unwanted signals and noise from APPLICATIONS the channel of interest. When the channel of interest occupies less Multicarrier, Multimode Digital Receivers GSM, IS136, bandwidth than the input signal, this rejection of out-of-band EDGE, PHS, IS95 noise is called "processing gain." By using large decimation Micro and Pico Cell Systems factors, this "processing gain" can improve the SNR of the Wireless Local Loop ADC by 30 dB or more. In addition, the programmable RAM Smart Antenna Systems coefficient filter allows antialiasing, matched filtering, and Software Radios static equalization functions to be combined in a single, cost- In-Building Wireless Telephony effective filter. The AD6624A is compatible with standard ADC converters such PRODUCT DESCRIPTION as the AD664x, AD9042, AD943x and the AD922x families of The AD6624A is a four-channel (quad) digital receive signal data converters. The AD6624A is also compatible with the processor (RSP) with four cascaded signal-processing elements: AD6600 Diversity ADC, providing a cost and size reduction path. a frequency translator, two fixed-coefficient decimating filters,and a programmable-coefficient decimating filter. FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM 16 BITS 18 BITS

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