Part # Brief EVL6566A-75WADP l6563 L6566A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: 19 V - 75 W laptop adapter with tracking boost PFC pre-regulator, using the L6563 and the L6566A

Part Details:

EVL6566A-75WADP 19 V - 75 W laptop adapter with tracking boost PFC pre-regulator, using the L6563 and the L6566A Data Brief Features Universal input mains range: 90÷264Vac - Frequency 45 ÷ 65 Hz Output voltage: 19 [email protected] A continuous operation Mains harmonics: Acc. to EN61000-3-2 Class-D ST-by mains consumption: Less than 0.25 W @265Vac Overall efficiency: Better than 86% EMI: According to EN55022-Class-B Safety: According to EN60950 Low profile design: 25 mm maximum height PCB single layer: single side, 70 µm, CEM-1, 78x174 mm, Mixed PTH/SMT Description In this data brief of the EVL6566A-75WADP demo board, the main characteristics and features of a 75 W adapter wide-range input mains, power-factor-corrected AC-DC adapter using the new L6566A controller and the L6563 dedicated to the PFC stage are described. High efficiency and the very low standby input consumption are highlighted in the following figures and tables. The board is programmed for working at fixed frequency (65 kHz) under nominal condition (19 V at 4 A). On the secondary side the TSM1014 with a precise voltage reference and the optocoupler SFH617A-4 to transfer the error amplifiers information to the primary side have been used. September 2007 Rev 1 1/8 For further information contact your local STMicroelectronics sales office. 8 Efficiency EVL6566A-75WADP 1 Efficiency Table 1 below shows the efficiency with two different input voltages. The table begins with the nominal load at 80 W on the output and it displays the efficiency at every power decrease of 5 W. Table 1. Efficiency measurements 230 V-50 Hz 115 V-60 Hz Pin Pout Eff. Pin Pout Eff. 85.73 75.05 87.5% 87.24 75.06 86.0% 80.56 70.00 86.9% 80.73 70.00

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Brief EVL6566A-75WADP l6563 L6566A.pdf Datasheet