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Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: FPDriver software to drive any Flat Panel controller

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==> ./downloads/Application Note Imaging s.html AN1659 ® Application Note Monitoring Video Synchronization Signals on ST7FLCD1 MCU By DTV - Monitor MCU Applications Lab Introduction On a monitor application, when the monitor has been put in power saving mode for energy saving purposes, the activity in the monitor is kept to a minimum to achieve the lowest possible power consumption. However, the MCU must stil be running and checking for any video signal that would `wake up the monitor from its standby state and back in to normal working operation. For that purpose, monitoring of the incoming synchronization signals is mandatory: the MCU is permanently monitoring its so-called sync inputs (horizontal, vertical and/or composite) and, in case a new stable video mode is detected, it restarts the whole monitor. This application note provides all the technical details on both the hardware and software sides of how to implement such a sync monitoring technique. It is particularly applicable to the ST7FLCD1 MCU, which provides two external interrupt inputs as wel as a fine delay timer, thus suited to performing all of the necessary monitoring operations. 1 Signals to Monitor Most monitor applications take several possible video synchronization signals as inputs: Horizontal sync signal, named HSYNC Vertical sync signal, named VSYNC Composite sync signal, named HVSYNC (if on the same HSYNC line) or CSYNC Sync-on-Green signal (composite sync mixed with green colour signal), named SOG Such signals come from the external video source, usually the PC that is connected to the display by means of the VGA or DVI plug. For example, the signals mapped onto the VGA plug are: Sync Signal VGA pin number HSYNC or CSYNC 13 VSYNC 14 SOG 2 (mixed with Green) 5th February 2003 Revision 1.0 1/7 This is preliminary information on a new product now in development or undergoing evaluation. Details are subject to change without notice. Signals to Monitor AN1659 The composite sync signal CSYNC may be extracted from the SOG signal by means of a sync extractor block, either internal or external to the MCU, as in the following example: MCU In HSYNC/HVSYNC put VGA cable plu VSYNC g Green Sync CSYNC Extractor Monitor

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