Part # ADCMP580 AD581 AD582 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADCMP580/ADCMP581/ADCMP582 Ultrafast SiGe Voltage Comparators Data Sheet (Rev. A)

Part Details:

Ultrafast SiGe Voltage Comparators ADCMP580/ADCMP581/ADCMP582 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM V 180 ps propagation delay CCI 25 ps overdrive and slew rate dispersion 8 GHz equivalent input rise time bandwidth VTP TERMINATION VCCO 100 ps minimum pulse width VP NONINVERTING 37 ps typical output rise/fall INPUT ADCMP580/ Q OUTPUT 10 ps deterministic jitter (DJ) ADCMP581/ CML/ECL/ 200 fs random jitter (RJ) ADCMP582 PECL Q OUTPUT V -2 V to +3 V input range with +5 V/-5 V supplies N INVERTING INPUT On-chip terminations at both input pins V V EE Resistor-programmable hysteresis TN TERMINATION Differential latch control LE INPUT Power supply rejection > 70 dB HYS LE INPUT 0102- VEE 4670 Figure 1. APPLICATIONS Automatic test equipment (ATE) High speed instrumentation Pulse spectroscopy Medical imaging and diagnostics High speed line receivers Threshold detection Peak and zero-crossing detectors High speed trigger circuitry Clock and data signal restoration GENERAL DESCRIPTION The ADCMP580/ADCMP581/ADCMP582 are ultrafast voltage The CML output stage is designed to directly drive 400 mV into comparators fabricated on the Analog Devices, Inc. proprietary 50 transmission lines terminated to ground. The NECL output XFCB3 Silicon Germanium (SiGe) bipolar process. The stages are designed to directly drive 400 mV into 50 terminated

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