Part # ULN2065B ULN2067B ULN2069B ULN20 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: 80V - 1.5A QUAD DARLINGTON SWITCHES

Part Details:

ULN2065B - ULN2067B ULN2069B - ULN2071B ® ULN2075B - ULN2077B 80 V - 1.5 A QUAD DARLINGTON SWITCHES .OUTPUT CURRENT TO 1.5 A EACH DAR- LINGTON .MINIMUM BREAKDOWN 80 V .SUSTAINING VOLTAGE AT LEAST 50 V .INTEGRAL SUPPRESSION DIODES (ULN2065B, ULN2067B, ULN2069B andULN2071B) .ISOLATED DARLINGTON PINOUT (ULN2075B and ULN2077B) .VERSIONS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL POPU- LAR LOGIC FAMILIES DESCRIPTION Designed to interface logic to a wide variety of highcurrent, high voltage loads, these devices each con-tain four NPN darlington switches delivering up to POWERDIP 1.5 A with a specified minimum breakdown of 80 V 12 + 2 + 2 and a sustaining voltage of 50 V. The ULN2065B,ULN2067B, ULN2069B and ULN2071B contain in-tegral suppression diodes for inductive loads andhave common emitters ; the ULN2075B andULN2077B feature isolated darlington pinouts andare intended for applications such as emitter fol-lower configurations. Inputs of the ULN2065B,ULN2069B and ULN2075B are compatible withpopular 5 V logic families and the ULN2067B,ULN2071B and ULN2077B are compatible with 6-15 VCMOS and PMOS. The ULN2069B andULN2071B include a predriver stage to provide ex-tragain, reducing the load on control logic. PIN CONNECTIONS AND ORDER CODES ULN2065B ULN2069B ULN2075B ULN2067B ULN2071B ULN2077B September 2003 1/7 ULN2065B-ULN2067B-ULN2069B-ULN2071B-ULN2075B-ULN2077B SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM ULN2065B : RIN = 350 ULN2069B : RIN = 2.5k, Rs = 900 ULN2075B : RIN = 350 ULN2067B : RIN = 3k ULN2071B : RIN = 11.6k, Rs = 3.4k ULN2077B : RIN = 3k ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol Parameter Value Unit VCEX Output Voltage 80 V VCE(sus) Output Sustaining Voltage 50 V IO Output Current 1.75

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