Part # Brief SPC560P50L3 SPC560P50L5 SPC560P44L3 SPC560P44L5 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: 32-bit Power Architecturedatasheet based MCU for chassis & safety applications

Part Details:

SPC560P50L3, SPC560P50L5SPC560P44L3, SPC560P44L5 32-bit Power ArchitectureTM based MCU for chassis & safety applications Data Brief Features High performance 60MHz e200z0h CPU ­ 32bit Power ArchitectureTM Book E CPU ­ Variable Length Encoding (VLE) Memory Available ­ 512KByte on-chip Flash memory, with ECC, with erase/program controller LQFP-144 LQFP-100 ­ 4x16KByte on-chip Flash memory with ECC for EEPROM emulation ­ 40KByte on-chip RAM with ECC Two 10-bit A/D Converter ­ 2 x 13 input channels Fail safe protection ­ conversion time < 1us including sampling ­ programmable watchdog timer time at full precision ­ junction temperature sensor ­ programmable ADC Cross Triggering Unit ­ Non maskable interrupt (CTU) ­ fault collection Unit ­ 4 analog watchdog with interrupt capability Nexus L2+ interface On chip CAN/UART/Flexray Bootstrap loader Interrupts with Boot Assist Module (BAM) ­ 16 channel eDMA controller One FlexPWM Unit ­ 16 priority level controller ­ 8 complementary or independent outputs Two general purpose eTimer units with ADC synchronisation signals ­ 6 timers each with up / down capabilities ­ integrated configurable dead time unit and ­ 16bit resolution, cascadeable counters inverter fault input pins ­ quadrature decode with rotation direction ­ 16bit resolution, up to 2x fCPU flag Clock generation ­ double buffer input capture and output ­ 4-40MHz main oscillator compare ­ 16MHz internal RC-oscillator Communications Interfaces ­ software controlled FMPLL

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Brief SPC560P50L3 SPC560P50L5 SPC560P44L3 SPC560P44L5.pdf Datasheet