Part # STB200NF04L STP200NF04L datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: N-CHANNEL 40V - 3mOhm 120A TO-220/I²PAK/D²PAK STRIPFETdatasheetMOSFET

Part Details:

STP200NF04L STB200NF04L - STB200NF04L-1 N-CHANNEL 40V - 3 m - 120 A TO-220/D²PAK/I²PAK STripFETTM II MOSFET Table 1: General Features Figure 1: Package TYPE VDSS RDS(on) ID STB200NF04L 40 V 3.5 m 120 A STP200NF04L 40 V 3.8 m 120 A STB200NF04L-1 40 V 3.8 m 120 A s TYPICAL RDS(on) = 3m 3 3 2 1 s 100% AVALANCHE TESTED 1 TO-220 s LOW THERESHOLD DRIVE D²PAK DESCRIPTIONThis MOSFET is the latest development of STMi- 1 2 3 croelectronics unique "Single Feature SizeTM"stripbased process. The resulting transistor shows I²PAK extremely high packing density for low on-resis-tance, rugged avalanche characteristics and less- Figure 2: Internal Schematic Diagram critical alignement steps therefore a remarkablemanufacturing reproducibility. This new improveddevice has been specifically designed for Automo-tive applications. APPLICATIONSs HIGH CURRENT, HIGH SWITCHING SPEED Table 2: Order Codes PART NUMBER MARKING PACKAGE PACKAGING STP200NF04L P200NF04L TO-220 TUBE STB200NF04L B200NF04L D²PAK TAPE & REEL STB200NF04L-1 B200NF04L

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