Part # AD581 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD581 (Rev. C)

Part Details:

High Precision 10 V IC Reference AD581 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Laser trimmed to high accuracy 10.000 V ±5 mV (L and U models) +VS Trimmed temperature coefficient 5 ppm/°C maximum, 0°C to 70°C (L model) VOUT 10 ppm/°C maximum, -55°C to +125°C (U model) AD581 Excellent long-term stability 25 ppm/1000 hrs (noncumulative) GND -10 V reference capability 1 Low quiescent current: 1.0 mA maximum 00 TO-5 4- BOTTOM VIEW 01 10 mA current output capability 08 3-pin TO-5 package Figure 1. MIL-STD-883 compliant versions available GENERAL DESCRIPTION The AD5811 is a 3-pin, temperature compensated, monolithic, The AD581J, AD581K, and AD581L are specified for operation band gap voltage reference that provides a precise 10.00 V output from 0°C to 70°C; the AD581S, AD581T, and AD581U are from an unregulated input level ranging from 12 V to 30 V. specified for the -55°C to +125°C range. All grades are Laser wafer trimming (LWT) is used to trim both the initial packaged in a hermetically sealed 3-pin TO-5 metal can. error at +25°C as well as the temperature coefficient, resulting in high precision performance previously available only in expen- PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS sive hybrids or oven regulated modules. The 5 mV initial error 1. Laser trimming of both initial accuracy and temperature tolerance and 5 ppm/°C guaranteed temperature coefficient of coefficient results in very low errors over temperature the AD581L is available in a monolithic voltage reference. without the use of external components. The AD581L has The band gap circuit design used in the AD581 offers several a maximum deviation from 10.000 V of ±7.25 mV from advantages over classical Zener breakdown diode techniques. 0°C to 70°C, whereas the AD581U guarantees ±15 mV Most important, no external components are required to maximum total error without external trims from -55°C achieve full accuracy and significant stability to low power

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