Part # CD4541BC datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: CD4541BC Programmable Timer

Part Details:

CD454 October 1987 Revised May 2002 1BC Progr CD4541BCProgrammable Timer am General Description Features mabl The CD4541BC Programmable Timer is designed with a s Available division ratios 28, 210, 213, or 216 16-stage binary counter, an integrated oscillator for use s Increments on positive edge clock transitions with an external capacitor and two resistors, output control e logic, and a special power-on reset circuit. The special fea- s Built-in low power RC oscillator (±2% accuracy over T temperature range and ±10% supply and ±3% over pro- i tures of the power-on reset circuit are first, no additional m static power consumption and second, the part functions cessing @ < 10 kHz) e across the full voltage range (3V­15V) whether power-on s Oscillator frequency range DC to 100 kHz r reset is enabled or disabled. s Oscillator may be bypassed if external clock is available Timing and the counter are initialized by turning on power, (apply external clock to pin 3) if the power-on reset is enabled. When the power is s Automatic reset initializes all counters when power turns already on, an external reset pulse will also initialize the on timing and counter. After either reset is accomplished, the s External master reset totally independent of automatic oscillator frequency is determined by the external RC net- reset operation work. The 16-stage counter divides the oscillator frequencyby any of 4 digitally controlled division ratios. s Operates at 2n frequency divider or single transition timer s Q/Q select provides output logic level flexibilitys Reset (auto or master) disables oscillator during reset- ting to provide no active power dissipation s Clock conditioning circuit permits operation with very slow clock rise and fall times s Wide supply voltage range--3.0V to 15Vs High noise immunity--0.45 VDD (typ.)s 5V­10V­15V parameter ratingss Symmetrical output characteristicss Maximum input leakage 1 µA at 15V over full tempera- ture range s High output drive (pin 8) min. one TTL load Ordering Code: Order Number Package Number

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