Part # LM185-1.2QML datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM185-1.2QML Micropower Voltage Reference Diode

Part Details:

LM185-1.2QML October 2005 LM185-1.2QMLMicropower Voltage Reference DiodeGeneral Description The extremely low power drain of the LM185-1.2 makes it Micropower useful for micropower circuitry. This voltage reference can be The LM185-1.2 is a micropower 2-terminal band-gap voltage used to make portable meters, regulators or general purpose regulator diodes. Operating over a 10µA to 20mA current analog circuitry with battery life approaching shelf life. range, it features exceptionally low dynamic impedance and Further, the wide operating current allows it to replace older good temperature stability. On-chip trimming is used to pro- references with a tighter tolerance part. vide tight voltage tolerance. Since the LM185-1.2 band-gapreference uses only transistors and resistors, low noise andgood long term stability result. Features V Careful design of the LM185-1.2 has made the device ex- n Operating current of 10µA to 20mA oltage ceptionally tolerant of capacitive loading, making it easy to n 1 maximum dynamic impedance (typical) use in almost any reference application. The wide dynamic n Low temperature coefficient operating range allows its use with widely varying supplies n Low voltage reference - 1.235V with excellent regulation. Reference Ordering Information NS Part Number JAN Part Number NS Package Number Package Description LM185E-1.2/883 5962­87594012A E20A 20LD LCC Diode LM185H-1.2-SMD 5962­8759401XA H02A 2 LD T0­46 LM185H-1.2-QV 5962­8759401VXA H02A 2 LD T0­46 LM185WG-1.2/883 5962­8759401YA WG10A 10LD Ceramic SOIC LM185BYH-1.2-SMD 5962­8759405XA H02A 2 LD T0­46 LM185WG-1.2-QV

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