Part # AT8XC5122 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Atmel


Part Description: AT8XC5122 23 C51 Microcontroller with USB and Smart Card Reader Interface

Part Details:

Features· Clock Controller ­ 80C51 core with 6 clocks per instruction­ 8 MHz On-Chip Oscillator­ PLL for generating clock to supply CPU core, USB and Smart Card Interfaces­ Programmable CPU clock from 500 KHz / X1 to 48 MHz / X1 · Reset Controller ­ Power On Reset (POR) feature avoiding an external reset capacitor­ Power Fail Detector (PFD)­ Watch-Dog Timer · Power Management C51 ­ Two power saving modes : Idle and Power Down­ Four Power Down Wake-up Sources : Smart Card Detection, Keyboard Interrupt, USB Microcontroller Resume, External Interrupt ­ Input Voltage Range : 3.0V - 5.5V with USB and ­ Core s Power Consumption (Without Smart Card and USB) : ·30 mA Maximum Operating Current @ 48 MHz / X1·200 A Maximum Power-down Current @ 5.5V Smart Card · Interrupt Controller ­ up to 9 interrupt sources Reader ­ up to 4 Level Priority · Memory Controller Interfaces ­ Internal Program memory : ·up to 32KB of Flash or CRAM or ROM for AT8xC5122·up to 30KB of ROM for AT83C5123 ­ Internal Data Memory : 768 bytes including 256 bytes of data and 512 bytes of XRAM AT83C5122 ­ Optional : internal data E2PROM 512 bytes · Two 16-bit Timer/Counters· AT83EC5122 USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface ­ 48 MHz DPLL­ On-Chip 3.3V USB voltage regulator and transceivers AT85C5122 ­ Software detach feature­ 7 endpoints programmable with In or out directions and ISO, Bulk or Interrupt Transfers : AT89C5122 ·Endpoint 0: 32 Bytes Bidirectionnal FIFO for Control transfers·Endpoints 1,2,3: 8 bytes FIFO AT89C5122DS ·Endpoints 4,5: 64 Bytes FIFO·Endpoint 6: 2*64 bytes FIFO with Pin-Pong feature · ISO 7816 UART Interface Fully Compliant with EMV, GIE-CB and WHQL Standards AT83C5123 ­ Programmable ISO clock from 1 MHz to 4.8 MHz­ Card insertion/removal detection with automatic deactivation sequence AT83EC5123 ­ Programmable Baud Rate Generator from 372 to 11.625 clock pulses­ Synchronous/Asynchronous Protocols T=0 and T=1 with Direct or Inverse Convention­ Automatic character repetition on parity errors­ 32 Bit Waiting Time Counter­ 16 Bit Guard Time Counter­ Internal Step Up/Down Converter with Programmable Voltage Output: ·VCC = 4.0V to 5.5V, 1.8V-30 mA, 3V-60 mA and 5V-60 mA·VCC = 3.0V, 1.8V-30 mA, 3V-30 mA and 5V-30 mA ­ Current overload protection­ 6 kV ESD (MIL/STD 833 Class 3) protection on whole Smart Card Interface · Alternate Smart Card Interface with CLK, IO and RST· UART Interface with Integrated Baud Rate Generator (BRG)· Keyboard interface with up to 20x8 matrix management capability· Master/Slave SPI Interface· Four 8 bit Ports, one 6 bit port, one 3-bit port ­ Up to Seven LED outputs with 3 level programmable current source : 2, 4 and 10 mA­ Two General Purpose I/O programmable as external interrupts­ Up to 8 input lines programmable as interrupts Rev. 4202E­SCR­06/06 ­ Up to 30 output lines 1 Reference Documents The user must get the following additionnal documents which are not included but whichcomplete this product datasheet · Product Errata Sheet ·

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