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a Ultralow Noise, High Speed, BiFET Op Amp AD745 FEATURES CONNECTION DIAGRAM ULTRALOW NOISE PERFORMANCE2.9 nV/ Hz at 10 kHz 16-Lead SOIC (R) Package 0.38 V p-p, 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz6.9 fA/ Hz Current Noise at 1 kHz EXCELLENT AC PERFORMANCE12.5 V/ s Slew Rate20 MHz Gain Bandwidth ProductTHD = 0.0002% @ 1 kHzInternally Compensated for Gains of +5 (or ­4) or Greater EXCELLENT DC PERFORMANCE0.5 mV Max Offset Voltage250 pA Max Input Bias Current2000 V/mV Min Open Loop GainAvailable in Tape and Reel in Accordance with EIA-481A Standard APPLICATIONS amplifier for high-speed applications demanding low noise and Sonar high dc precision. Furthermore, the AD745 does not exhibit an Photodiode and IR Detector Amplifiers output phase reversal. AccelerometersLow Noise Preamplifiers The AD745 also has excellent dc performance with 250 pA High Performance Audio maximum input bias current and 0.5 mV maximum offset voltage. The internal compensation of the AD745 is optimized for highergains, providing a much higher bandwidth and a faster slew PRODUCT DESCRIPTION rate. This makes the AD745 especially useful as a preamplifier The AD745 is an ultralow noise, high-speed, FET input opera- where low level signals require an amplifier that provides both tional amplifier. It offers both the ultralow voltage noise and high amplification and wide bandwidth at these higher gains. high speed generally associated with bipolar input op amps and The AD745 is available in two performance grades. The AD745J the very low input currents of FET input devices. Its 20 MHz and AD745K are rated over the commercial temperature range bandwidth and 12.5 V/µs slew rate makes the AD745 an ideal of 0°C to 70°C, and are available in the 16-lead SOIC package. 1000 120 120 RSOURCE OP37 AND 100 100 EO RESISTOR PHASE 80 80 R 100 SOURCE dB­ Degrees GE ­ nV/ Hz ­

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