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Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: . AD5207

Part Details:

a 2-Channel, 256-Position Digital Potentiometer AD5207 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM 256-Position, 2-Channel A1 W1 B1 A2 W2 B2 Potentiometer Replacement10 k , 50 k , 100 kPower Shut-Down, Less than 5 A SHDN 2.7 V to 5.5 V Single Supply 2.7 V Dual Supply 3-Wire SPI-Compatible Serial Data Input RDAC1 REGISTER RDAC2 REGISTER VDD R R Midscale Preset During Power-On VSS APPLICATIONS LOGIC POWER- CS ON Mechanical Potentiometer Replacement RESET Stereo Channel Audio Level Control AD5207 8 Instrumentation: Gain, Offset Adjustment CLK SERIAL INPUT REGISTER SDO Programmable Voltage-to-Current Conversion SDI Programmable Filters, Delays, Time Constants DGND Line Impedance MatchingAutomotive Electronics Adjustment GENERAL DESCRIPTION The first two bits are address bits. The following eight bits are The AD5207 provides dual channel, 256-position, digitally the data bits that represent the 256 steps of the resistance value. controlled variable resistor (VR) devices that perform the same The reason for two address bits instead of one is to be compatible electronic adjustment function as a potentiometer or variable with similar products such as AD8402 so that drop-in replacement resistor. Each channel of the AD5207 contains a fixed resistor with is possible. The address bit determines the corresponding VR a wiper contact that taps the fixed resistor value at a point

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