Part # Application Note Power Supply And Power Management TSM104 AN1285 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: SM104: a dual Li-Ion battery charger using an ST silicon triplet

Part Details:

AN1285 APPLICATION NOTE TSM104: A DUAL LI-ION BATTERY CHARGER USING AN ST SILICON TRIPLET by A. BAILLY, D. CABROL, J. CAMIOLO, S. LAFFONT, R. LIOU This application note explains how to use the ideal for primary side control of battery chargers or VIPER20, the ST62 mController and the power supplies featuring up to 20W output. More- TSM104A in an SMPS-type battery charger which over, this device allows stand-by mode operation features : without additional components. u Dual Li-Ion Battery charging with Constant The ST62T25C is a low cost 28 pins 8-bit Micro- Current/Constant Voltage controller available in Mask ROM, FastROM and u Battery type recognition (4.1V or 4.2V and OTP versions. It features an A/D converter with up different capacities) to 16 channels, 20 I/O pins of which 4 have HighCurrent capability. An integrated Static Reset cir- u Precision Voltage Control cuitry, Oscillator Safe Guard, 3 to 6 V power sup- u Temperature and Failing Battery protection ply range and high ESD tolerance make the de- u vice well suited for noisy environment. End of Charge detection The TSM104A integrated circuit includes four Op- 1 - DEVICES PRESENTATION erational Amplifiers (type LM358) and one adjust- The VIPER20 integrates on the same chip a PWM able precision Voltage Reference (type TL1431 : circuit together with a high voltage avalanche rug- 2.5V to 36V, 0.4% or 1%). TSM104A can sustain ged vertical MOSFET (600V, 0.5A) which make it up to 36V power supply voltage. Figure 1 : ST62T25C, TSM104A and VIPER20 Pin Vdd 1 28 Vss TIMER 2 27 PA0 OSCin 3 26 PA1 1 16 Pentawatt-HV TSM104

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Application Note Power Supply And Power Management TSM104 AN1285.pdf Datasheet