Part # ds610 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Xilinx


Part Description: Xilinx DS610 Spartan-3A DSP FPGA Family, Data Sheet

Part Details:

0 R Spartan-3A DSP FPGA Family: Data Sheet DS610 June 2, 2008 0 0 Product Specification Module 1: Introduction and Ordering Information · UG332: Spartan-3 Generation Configuration User Guide DS610-1 (v2.1) June 2, 2008 - Configuration Overview - Configuration Pins and Behavior · Introduction - Bitstream Sizes · Features - Detailed Descriptions by Mode · Architectural Overview · Master Serial Mode using Platform Flash PROM · Configuration Overview · Master SPI Mode using Commodity Serial Flash · General I/O Capabilities · Master BPI Mode using Commodity Parallel Flash · Supported Packages and Package Marking · Slave Parallel (SelectMAP) using a Processor · Ordering Information · Slave Serial using a Processor · JTAG Mode Module 2: - ISE iMPACT Programming Examples Functional Description - MultiBoot Reconfiguration - Design Authentication using Device DNA DS610-2 (v2.1) June 2, 2008

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ds610.pdf Datasheet