Part # TDA7575 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

TDA7575PD MULTIFUNCTION DUAL BRIDGE POWER AMPLIFIER WITH INTEGRATED DIGITAL DIAGNOSTICS DMOS POWER OUTPUT MULTIPOWER BCD TECHNOLOGY NON-SWITCHING HI-EFFICIENCY SINGLE-CHANNEL 1 DRIVING CAPABILITY HIGH OUTPUT POWER CAPABILITY 2x28W/ MOSFET OUTPUT POWER STAGE 4 @ 14.4V, 1KHZ, 10% THD, 2x40W/4 EIAJ MAX. OUTPUT POWER 2x75W/2, 1x150W/1 SINGLE-CHANNEL 1 DRIVING CAPABILITY ­ 84W UNDISTORTED POWER­ FULL I2C BUS DRIVING WITH 4 ADDRESS POSSIBILITIES: PowerSO36 (Slug up) ­ ST-BY, PLAY/MUTE, GAIN 12/26dB, FULL DIGITAL DIAGNOSTIC ORDERING NUMBER: TDA7575PD POSSIBILITY TO DISABLE THE I2C DIFFERENTAL INPUTS has a very low distortion allowing a clear powerful FULL FAULT PROTECTION sound. Among the features, its superior efficiency DC OFFSET DETECTION performance coming from the internal exclusivestructure, makes it the most suitable device to simpli- TWO INDEPENDENT SHORT CIRCUIT fy the thermal management in high power sets.The PROTECTIONS dissipated output power under average listening con- CLIPPING DETECTOR PIN WITH dition is in fact reduced up to 50% when compared to SELECTABLE THRESHOLD (2%/10%) the level provided by conventional class AB solu- ST-BY/MUTE PINS tions. This device is equipped with a full diagnostic array DESCRIPTION that communicates the status of each speaker The TDA7575PD is a new BCD technology DUAL through the I2C bus. The TDA7575PD has also the BRIDGE type of car radio amplifier in PowerSO36 possibility of driving loads down to 1 paralleling the package specially intended for car radio applications. outputs into a single channel. It is also possible to dis- Thanks to the DMOS output stage the TDA7575PD able the I2C and control the TDA7575PD by means ofthe usual ST-BY and MUTE pins. BLOCK DIAGRAM VS ADDRESS A B CLK DATA VCC CD_OUT CLIP I2CBUS DETECTOR IN1+ OUT1+

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