Part # FAN1851A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: FAN1851A Rev

Part Details: FAN1851AGround Fault Interrupter Features Description · Improved performance over industry equivalents The FAN1851A is a controller for AC outlet ground fault ­ Tight fault current range (Typ ±100µA) interrupters. These devices detect hazardous grounding con- ­ Temperature compensated fault current characteristics ditions (example: a pool of water or an electrical equipment ­ No external trimming required connected to opposite phases of the AC line) in consumer · Direct interface to SCR and industrial environments. The output of the IC triggers an · Supply voltage derived from AC line--26V shunt external SCR, which in turn opens a relay circuit breaker to · Adjustable sensitivity prevent a harmful or lethal shock. · Grounded neutral fault detection· Meets UL943 standards Full advantage of the U.S. UL943 timing specification is · 450µA quiescent current taken to ensure maximum immunity to false triggering due · Ideal for 120V or 220V systems to line noise. A special feature in the circuitry rapidly resets · Package options: 8L DIP and 8L SOIC the integrating timing capacitor in the event that noise pulses introduce unwanted charging currents. Also, a flip-flop is included that ensures firing of even a slow circuit breaker relay on either of the two half-cycles of the line voltage when external full wave rectification is used. The application circuit can be configured to detect both normal faults (hot wire to ground) and grounded neutral faults. Block Diagram Timing Sensitivity Sense Amplifier +VS Capacitor Set Resistor Output ITH D3 I2 ITH for IF > 0 I1 = Q2 3ITH for IF = 0 SCR Trigger IF Q3 Latch Q1 D1 Q5 A1 +VS Q4 D2 IF 10V

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