Part # MAX917-MAX920 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX917-MAX920 DS

Part Details:

19-1512; Rev 1; 1/07 SOT23, 1.8V, Nanopower, Beyond-the-Rails Comparators With/Without Reference MAX917­MAX920 General Description Features The MAX917­MAX920 nanopower comparators in Ultra-Low Supply Current space-saving SOT23 packages feature Beyond-the- 380nA per Comparator (MAX919/MAX920) RailsTM inputs and are guaranteed to operate down to 750nA per Comparator with Reference +1.8V. The MAX917/MAX918 feature an on-board (MAX917/MAX918) 1.245V ±1.5% reference and draw an ultra-low supply Guaranteed to Operate Down to +1.8V current of only 750nA, while the MAX919/MAX920 (with-out reference) require just 380nA of supply current. Internal 1.245V ±1.5% Reference These features make the MAX917­MAX920 family of (MAX917/MAX918) comparators ideal for all 2-cell battery applications, Input Voltage Range Extends 200mV including monitoring/management. Beyond-the-Rails The unique design of the output stage limits supply-cur- CMOS Push-Pull Output with ±8mA Drive rent surges while switching, virtually eliminating the Capability (MAX917/MAX919) supply glitches typical of many other comparators. This Open-Drain Output Versions Available design also minimizes overall power consumption (MAX918/MAX920) under dynamic conditions. The MAX917/MAX919 havea push-pull output stage that sinks and sources current. Crowbar-Current-Free Switching Large internal output drivers allow rail-to-rail output Internal Hysteresis for Clean Switching swing with loads up to 8mA. The MAX918/MAX920 No Phase Reversal for Overdriven Inputs have an open-drain output stage that makes them suit-able for mixed-voltage system design. Space-Saving SOT23 Package Ordering Information Applications TOP PKG PART PIN-PACKAGE 2-Cell Battery Monitoring/Management MARK CODE Ultra-Low-Power Systems MAX917EUK-T 5 SOT23-5 ADIQ U5-1 Mobile Communications

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